Evangelist Kandace Pierce is the wife and companion in ministry of Elder Carl A. Pierce, Sr.

A native Texan, she was reared in Houston, Texas, where she followed in a fifth generation Church Of God In Christ family tradition.

Her early years in ministry encompassed a deep desire to minister to the hearing impaired.  She began a deaf ministry in her local church and because of her commitment she eventually became National Interpreter of Deaf Ministry for the Church Of God In Christ, Inc.

Lady Pierce is a gifted and anointed psalmist.  She is a project organizer and ardent church worker, spearheading numerous church and community-related activities and ministries.  Her enthusiasm for the work of the Lord is contagious, inspiring those she encounters. As First Lady, she serves as Director of the Department of Women's Ministry and is the conference host of the annual Women Destined to Perform Conference

She attributes her gifts and calling to the God she serves, and she has committed her life to the ministry and work assigned to her hands.