We have a true passion for Family

F.I.T. for Mommies

Fun Interactive Time

No one understands the world of motherhood than other mothers. This group is to provide a time of fellowship and collaboration for mothers of young children. Mommies of all ages and backgrounds come together to help build and strengthen each other as mothers.


Never married? Divorced? Widowed? The singles come together to encourage one another through social and spiritual activities and discussions. Single adults are offered support in their Christian walk.

Join couples (from newlyweds to couples celebrating silver anniversaries) in fellowship as they encourage and motivate each other to maintain strong biblical unions.


M.O.D.E.L.S.(Ministry Organization Diversity Education Leadership Salvation) provides a safe place for middle and high school ladies (ages 12-18) to express the specific issues and concerns of today that they face and to in turn help guide them, using Biblical principles and truth. This mentoring program focuses on helping our youth see themselves as examples of Jesus Christ, while dealing with the issues that could hinder them from being an effective witness for Him


Young Women of Excellence 

Am I good enough? Am I able to do it? Will I be successful? Will I make it? Will they like me? These and so many other questions are through the minds of our young men. In order to have the confidence to be the leaders this generation needs young men to know how to see themselves as God sees them as “His workmanship… fearfully and wonderfully made. The Society of Gentlemen is a mentoring program for young men ages 12 to 18. The program also focuses on social responsibility, Christian development and education.

Society of Gentlemen

Young Men of Valor